The garage can quickly become a kind of catch-all area for equipment and belongings that don’t have a place in the house. Garden tools, seasonal decorations, athletic equipment, and craft supplies may end up being stored in the garage. To make the most of this area, here are a few tips and tricks for using your garage space.

Storage Ideas for Using Your Garage Space

To organize your garage space, take a look at the items you need to store. Shelving and clear plastic bins are an easy and affordable storage solution that will work in most spaces. Transparent containers allow you to see what’s inside with just a quick glance.

Another smart idea for garage storage is to include a lockable cabinet. This is a great solution for keeping dangerous items and chemicals away from children and pets. Use a label maker or masking tape and a marker to clearly label storage units and boxes with their contents.

Clear the Garage Floor

Keeping the garage floor clear frees up space to park the cars. If you make a rule to keep the floor clean, you won’t accumulate piles of items in your garage. Instead, use corner shelves, cabinets, the area under the stairs, and overhead storage to help you keep the garage tidy and functional.

Using the Overhead Space in Your Garage

The overhead space in a garage is perfect for storing seasonal and infrequently used items. Install wooden beams to slide storage totes into. Use hooks to hang bicycles or kayaks from the ceiling. Flat items like ladders, lumber for projects, and some sports gear can be kept in exposed rafters. Before implementing overhead storage ideas, check to make sure the garage door’s operation won’t be affected by your plan.

Invest in Window and Door Locks

Home break-ins occur even through a garage door. Make sure your garage door has a sliding lock that you can engage when you’re home. Make sure to lcok the garage when you go away on vacation. If your garage has windows, install sturdy locks for them. Use window coverings like blinds or curtains on your garage windows. A thief may be more tempted to break in if they see something appealing in the garage.

Keeping Pests Out of the Garage

It’s important to keep insects and rodents out of your garage. Keep the space clean and don’t store trash inside. Make sure the weatherstripping is intact and that the garage door makes firm contact with the floor to prevent bugs, mice, and other animals from finding their way inside. Attach a strip of rubber to the floor so there is a tight seal when the door is closed.

Using Your Garage Space as a Pantry

Especially if the garage is near the kitchen, consider making a pantry space. Only store non-perishable food items in your garage, or install a second refrigerator or freezer. The garage is also a great space for storing table linens, extra chairs, paper products, and cleaning supplies.

Create a Gardening Station

If you enjoy working in the garden and caring for houseplants, transform an empty corner of the garage into an area for your gardening essentials. Install shelving to store pots, bags of soil, and garden tools. Add a small workbench so you have room to repot plants without worrying about making a mess inside your home.

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