Filling Your Toolbox

Must-have tools in your home can save you time and costly repairs when there’s something you can easily fix yourself. However, a visit to your local hardware store might be overwhelming with the vast number of options to pick from. Here is a list of must-have tools that you should have in your home.

Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver set is useful in your home and is among one of the must-have tools. Your set should include several choices of flathead and Phillips head sizes since you will find that screws are as varied as the actual screwdrivers. You might also opt to buy a drill with interchangeable bits which is easier to use than a screwdriver.

Hammers are Must-Have Tools

A hammer is also a must-have tool in a home. They are useful for more than just driving nails. A basic curved claw handle is sufficient for most homeowners. It’s worth purchasing a hammer from a local store where you can test the different grips to find the one that feels the best to you.

Wrenches are Must-Have Tools

A varied set of wrenches will be an invaluable part of your must-have tools as these can be used to adjust nuts and bolts. It’s a good idea to also get a hex key set that allows you to assemble furniture, which tends to use bolts with hexagon-shaped sockets.

Tape Measure

The value of a tape measure is hard to understate, as there will always be situations where homeowners need to measure things. Whether you are doing a construction project or are lining up framed photos, a tape measure will help you get the spacing right.

Utility Knife

A quality utility knife will help you make short work of boxes, cut carpet to size, and help remove grout from between tiles. A utility knife is the sort of tool that may seem unimpressive at first glance, but you’ll be surprised to see how much you’ll use a utility knife for DIY projects around your home.

Saws are Must-Have Tools

Whether you prefer a manual saw or an electric model, you will be well-equipped to deal with cutting just about any type of wood, sheet metal, PVC, and everything else in between.

Duct Tape

Duct tape has many uses. It has strong and flexible and can handle temporary repairs around the house. It’s also very cheap so be sure to always keep a roll or two on hand.

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