Transforming your living spaces doesn’t always require the help of professional contractors. If you have some free time, there are a number of DIY home improvement projects you can take on. Even if you have no experience making upgrades, there are simple ways to improve your home.

7 Home Improvements You Can DIY

Refresh the Walls With a Coat of Paint

You don’t have to be a professional house painter to add color to your walls. Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to update a room. You’ll only need a few basic supplies. Purchase quality brushes and rollers and good quality paint. Prepare the walls by cleaning them and filling any holes or cracks with a spackling compound. Sand the walls smooth, wipe them down, and you’re ready to apply your first coat of paint.

Add New Window Treatments

Letting sunlight into your home makes you less dependent on artificial lighting. However, bright natural light streaming through the windows can heat up your living spaces. Add window treatments, like curtains and blinds, to control how much light comes into your house. Open the curtains to allow light in, but keep them closed on a hot summer day to help make the interior of your home more comfortable.

DIY Home Improvement: Refinish the Kitchen Cabinets

Updating your kitchen doesn’t mean you need to purchase all new cabinets. As long as the doors and frames are in good shape, cleaning them and applying a coat of paint or stain will transform your cooking area. Sand the cabinets to prepare them. Choose a new color of paint or an attractive wood stain to improve your kitchen without spending a fortune.

Install a Water Filter

Depending on your location, the drinking water in your home might be supplied from a ground well or a municipal pipeline. Some households purchase bottled water for drinking. To be more eco-friendly and save money, install a water filtration system for your home. Many of these filters are simple to set up and provide clean, pure water for your family.

Apply New Caulk in the Bathrooms

The caulk in your bathroom keeps water from getting between the tub and the wall. With time, caulk will become brittle and crack. Neglecting this simple improvement allows moisture to seep behind the tub or sink and will encourage mold and mildew growth. Remove the old caulk and apply a fresh layer. Go to a hardware store to purchase the product you need and a caulk gun to apply it.

Enhance the Value of Your Home With Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to enhance the charm of your property is so straightforward that you’ll have plenty of time for other home improvement projects. Many newer molding options are easy to cut and don’t require a joint compound. Lightweight materials are easier to work with and less expensive than wooden molding.

Revive Old Furniture for an Easy DIY Home Improvement

Wooden furniture may become stained or the finish can chip and show signs of age. You can revive older wooden furniture pieces easily. Sand the furniture to remove the old paint or stain. Repair cracks in the wood with a wood filler putty or wood glue. Sand the repaired areas and you’re ready to apply a fresh coat of wood stain.

There are many options when it comes to improving your living space. For those who find home renovation projects overwhelming, these easy home improvement projects are a great place to start.

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