Many Houston homeowner are familiar with Randy Lemmon and the “Garden Line” radio show. I know it is my go to program when I am out driving to inspections on weekends. He publishes a handy lawn care schedule on his web page but it sure is easy to forget.

To help you out, I decided to add his lawn schedule to the blog so our followers will get email reminders for lawn care.

The first of four fertilizer events happens in late February or Early March. Randy recommends you “apply a simple 15-5-10 for an early green-up. Most companies that make slow-release fertilizers also make a non slow-release 15-5-10 that provides for a quick two-week green up before we get to the heart of the fertilizer schedule.

WARNING: Some people will be tempted to use a weed-and-feed at this time, but if you’ve been following the GardenLine herbicide schedule, there should never be a need. However, spot weed-and-feed treatments are recommended for those with turf-only landscapes or landscapes that have been established for many years. Most weed-and-feeds contain Atrizine which burns roots of young trees and shrubs. 

So now is the time to apply that 15-5-10!