Home renovations are an investment that you hope will add value to your property. However, making renovations without an inspection first can result in expensive problems and headaches. Here are 4 reasons to schedule an inspection before renovations.

Have an Inspection Before Renovations to Identify Concerns

Without the objective view of a professional inspector, it’s hard to know what your project will actually entail. A minor kitchen or bathroom remodel may seem straightforward enough, but if there are underlying problems, you could be looking at a more expensive undertaking to do the job right.

It’s important to know the condition of the foundation and structural beams before building onto a house, especially if you are adding another level. The inspector may note structural issues in the report that should be repaired before moving forward with renovations.

Learn About Potential Hazards

Older homes may contain dangerous materials like asbestos and lead paint. Both of these are generally harmless unless they are disturbed. If there is any sort of demolition involved in your remodeling project, it is important to find out if asbestos or lead are hazards in your home. Dust from either can cause serious health complications.

Find Water and Termite Damage

You don’t want to install brand new flooring, appliances, and fixtures on top of construction materials that have been damaged by water or termites. If you don’t have an inspection before remodeling, you may end up spending a chunk of money on a beautiful remodel that has to be ripped out shortly after to repair pest or water damage.

How Could the Remodel Impact Other Parts of the Home

A home renovation could impact other components of the house and cause problems. For instance, an addition may require more electricity than the home’s circuit is able to provide.

Inspection After Renovations

Just as it is important to have an inspection before remodeling, it is important to schedule an inspection once the project is complete. A third-party inspector will check for quality workmanship, defective materials, and other fixtures and components. Schedule this inspection before you have made the final payment to the contractor.

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