Updating an unfinished basement into usable space opens up many possibilities for the area. Extra square footage will increase your property value and give you and your family more room in your home. Let’s look at a few great ideas for converting a basement.

Build a Game Room

A basement is a good place for a game room. Whether you enjoy playing pool, board games, ping-pong, or foosball, convert your basement into a rec room. Because most basements are underground, good lighting is important. Install overhead lighting and use table lamps to illuminate the space. If your basement has a concrete floor, add throw rugs to warm up the room.

Make a Home Office When Converting a Basement

Because it’s separate from the rest of the house, the basement is an ideal place to put your home office. It’s quiet so you will be able to focus on your work. In any office space, make a plan for sufficient lighting. If you have natural light in the basement, take advantage of it by setting up your desk near a window. Use a combination of overhead fixtures and desk lamps to help reduce eyestrain.

A Downstairs Guest Room

If you frequently have visitors, a basement guest room is a smart choice for your home. Paint the walls in a neutral color or lighter shade to make the room feel larger. Carpeting is a nice touch, especially if the area tends to be cooler than the rest of the house.

In a small basement bedroom, use under-bed boxes and make use of wall space for storage. If you have a larger space, build a closet, add a bookshelf or two, and create a sitting area with comfortable chairs and a small table.

Home Theater

A home theater is a perfect way to use a dark basement. Install a projector screen or mount a television to the wall. Choose comfortable seating and add baseboard lighting for a movie theater effect. For this project, splurge on a quality sound system and purchase a mini-fridge and a popcorn machine for your guests to enjoy.

Converting a Basement Into a Playroom

Building a new space for the kids to play is another great option for the basement. If you feel like toys are taking over your house, a designated playroom will help you balance housekeeping with your children’s needs.

Use bins and kid-size shelves to organize toys. Label each box or cubby to remind your children what belongs there. Add comfortable rugs and throw pillows and include bookshelves and a nice chair for reading. A playroom provides an area where children can play, explore, build, and create without cluttering your upstairs living areas.

Efficiency Apartment

If you have a college-aged son or daughter living at home or if you are planning to have an elderly family member move in, a basement efficiency apartment might be the best renovation for your home. All you’ll need to add is a bedroom with a small kitchenette, sitting area, and bathroom. Your family member can be independent while still living at home.

Converting a basement into usable space adds functionality to your house and boosts property value. Your family will enjoy the additional square footage and you’ll get a good return on your investment if you ever decide to sell the home.

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