What to Do When Stuck Inside? Try these Winter Home Improvement Projects

The gloomy weather of winter tends to drive everyone indoors more over the winter months. If you want to stay productive on the days you are stuck inside, make plans to start one or more of these winter home improvement projects.

1. Insulate Your Attic

While your roof is your first line of defense against water, the attic insulation is what keeps heat from escaping as it rises. One of your most important winter home improvement projects should be checking the attic insulation and adding to it if it is missing or deteriorated.

A do-it-yourself attic insulation project can be moderately difficult, but this guide explains the steps. Be sure to wear a mask and protective clothing if you decide to take on this project. A home inspector who uses thermal imaging can help identify areas of lacking insulation in the attic and walls that may not be visible.

2. Add Some Color

Being stuck inside of your home more during winter may make you realize you’re ready for some interior changes. Don’t let the cabin fever of winter set in. Instead, take this time to make painting the interior walls one of your winter home improvement projects.

You can have a little fun with this project by choosing a different theme for each room. The theme can be a combination of complementary colors or you can even add some texture. Don’t hesitate to choose bright, cheery colors to help offset any seasonal gloominess you may be feeling.

3. Makeover Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. Use the extra downtime you have during the winter to turn the makeover of your bathroom into a fun winter home improvement project. Updating your bathroom can be as extensive or as minor as your time and budget allow.

A small bathroom makeover may consist of purchasing a new shower curtain, new bathroom rugs, a new toothbrush holder, a new soap dish, and new towels. A bigger project may include changing the bathtub, sink, and showerhead faucets, installing new flooring, installing a new medicine cabinet, or tiling the shower. Your local home improvement store will carry a large selection of the items that you need for a bathroom makeover.

4. Declutter Your Home

A cluttered home happens over time. All it takes is a busy lifestyle, a lot of stuff, and not enough room for everything. Decluttering your home is one of the more affordable winter home improvement projects. Start small by tackling one room at a time. You should make three piles–keep, throw away, and donate. Then find a place where everything you keep belongs.

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