Building a home takes a lot of thought and planning. There are many ways to customize the house to make it yours. Talk with your builder about your ideas for the house. Here are some popular custom features to add when building a home.

Decide Where to Place Electrical Outlets

Modern homes need more electrical outlets to charge devices and so that all family members have easy access to power. If you have ever wished for an outlet near the mantle at holiday time, now is your chance to have one installed. Ask your builder to install extra outlets in the kitchen and on the kitchen island, too. Other places that you may want extra outlets are bedrooms, the laundry room, and beneath each window for fans or holiday lighting.

Features to Add When Building a Home: Garage Hot Water Faucet

Many garages have a water faucet but they don’t usually provide hot water. Warm water in the garage is nice for washing up after changing the oil in the car or after completing a painting project. Take this concept of garage upgrades a bit further and have your builder heat the entire space. An added advantage to heating the garage is avoiding frozen pipes.

Mud Room

Make a small area inside the front door or off the back porch to discard muddy, wet, or snowy shoes and clothing so that your family doesn’t bring these items into the house. Add a bench, coat hooks, and cleanup sink to round out the perfect mudroom.

Driveway Alarm

A driveway alarm is a great feature if you have an extra-long driveway. If you can’t hear or see cars coming down the driveway, this feature will add security and protection.

A Playroom is a Great Feature to Add When Building a Home

Have your builder create a bonus room to use as a playroom if you have young children. This area can evolve into a recreation room with arcade games and a pool table, or an office or guest space in the future.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is trendy and it makes your home feel roomy. Don’t install walls that subdivide the main living spaces. Brainstorm with your builder about how to create more space with an open floor plan.

Features to Consider When Building a New Home: Radiant Floor Heating

In the winters, floors are chilly, especially first thing in the morning before the house has heated up. When building your new house, request that radiant heating be installed under flooring. You will be more comfortable on cold mornings and the in-floor heating will also help warm your home.

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