Did you know that many home fires happen each year simply because homeowners didn’t pay attention to wiring problems that could have been fixed? Let’s look into the signs that you have an electrical problem at home. 

Flickering or Dimming Lights Signify an Electrical Problem at Home

Flickering or dimming lights might mean you have an electrical problem at home. A bad connection is most likely causing the flickering. Arcing may be occurring, which is when electricity jumps from one connection to another. This is a dangerous situation that can cause a fire. 

Dead Outlets

Outlets that are not working or loose are dangerous because the wires behind them are loose. Get them repaired immediately to avoid a fire. 

Breakers Tripping Frequently

Sometimes appliances cause the breaker to trip when plugged in. If this happens, the outlet the appliance was plugged into won’t work until you reset the breaker.

If a hairdryer or vacuum is causing the problem and you’re sure it’s not the electrical system, then replace the appliance. If the problem persists with the new appliance, it means there is an overloaded circuit. A circuit overloads when the current running through it exceeds safe levels because you’re trying to use too much electricity at one time. Hire an electrician to add a new circuit to handle the load. 

Hot Outlets

Sometimes appliances get hot when in use but an outlet never should. A hot outlet is a dangerous situation and can easily cause a fire. Unplug all appliances or lights and call in your electrician right away. 

Rodent Droppings can Point to an Electrical Problem at Home

You may have an electrical problem at home if you see signs of rodents. Look for droppings near outlets and cords. Rodents chew on everything once they are in your home, especially electrical wires. Hire an exterminator to eliminate the rodents because it’s likely they’re eating away at the wiring inside your walls. Have an electrician look for and repair any damaged wires.

Electrical Problem at Home: Bulbs Burning Out Too Often

Don’t ignore a situation where bulbs burn out frequently. All bulbs will burn out eventually, but if you notice that you are changing out dead bulbs unusually often, the circuit or socket might have a loose connection. 

Take action immediately if you see any of these signs that you have an electrical problem at home.

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