An 11th-Month Warranty Inspection Finds Problems and Defects with the Build

When you move into a newly built home, you trust it’s perfectly constructed and safe for your family. At first glance, everything may seem in order, but with time and use, defects may begin to show. A professional home inspector can find issues like flawed construction, defective materials, or safety concerns that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye. If your home has a warranty, order an 11th-month warranty inspection before it expires. You’ll have time to file a claim for the builder to make the repairs.

Have Repairs Made Before the Warranty Expires

After spending a few months in the home you may notice that some things aren’t quite right. Maybe the front door gets stuck, the bathroom shower doesn’t drain properly, or water collects in the front yard. If your home is still under warranty, the builder can be held responsible for any repairs covered. By ordering an 11th-month warranty inspection, you’ll have an inspection report showing the deficiencies. The builder will make repairs on any items covered by the warranty.

Save Money with an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

Some issues with your property may take years to become obvious. Grading and draining issues are a common example. It can be difficult to detect that water is not properly flowing away from your home, but over time, you may notice problems with your home’s foundation. After your home warranty has expired, any repairs become your financial responsibility. Small issues become more troublesome with time if not repaired. You’ll save money on expensive repairs and upgrades if defects are detected during the warranty period.

Prepare for a Future Sale

You have only just moved into your new house and probably aren’t thinking about selling it. However, if in the future you decide to put your home on the market, an 11th-month warranty inspection will help you prepare for that sale.

When you accept an offer on your home, the buyer will order a home inspection to understand the condition of the property. During that inspection, any problems, construction defects, or safety issues from the original construction will become known. Structural concerns may affect the sale of your property. An 11th-month inspection will find those hidden construction issues and give you time to have them repaired before your builder’s warranty expires.

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