Patrick did a great job on the inspection of the home I am buying. I have had inspections done before and what I liked about Patrick (and what is different from other inspectors) was that he was very thorough and professional but also friendly and explained issues that needed attention to me in a way that I could understand. He also gave me information that helped me understand why the issue was happening so that I can fix the problem. What is great about this is that now when I hire a contractor to address the problem, I have an understanding of the issue and won't be conned or taken advantage of. I have hired inspectors that give a report but you don't get the benefit of their experience because they aren't really "people -people" - but Patrick seems to have it all, professionalism, prompt service and a down to earth personality- he really wants to help the home buyer. And I got my report emailed to me super fast. If you have ever hired an inspector before, you know that you have a short window of time to get the inspection completed. The home inspection is very important for you as the home buyer! You don't want to hold up the sale of the house so you need that report asap. So I appreciated getting it quickly.

I would definitely refer him to friends and family and also will hire him again if I need to have another inspection. And he also came all the way to Galveston so if you live outside of Houston, consider hiring him - you'll be pleased with his work.

Susan Henry

Patrick was a true professional and did an outstanding job. I've been a Realtor for almost 20 years and have never seen anyone have more attention to detail. Drone photography was even used to detect roof issues and a template provided to use for negotiation with sellers. I was able to negotiate a significant reduction with the information provided. Amazing value and timely service. I'll be sending all of my clients here from now on.

Solve 99 Problems

excellent. very professional.
The process lasted nearly three hours. Every corner was carefully examined. The report was also well done, with pictures and videos on every issue. It really worth the money.

Peijun Zhao

We had Patrick perform a pre-listing inspection on our home. He was truly professional in all ways. He was very easy to contact and easy to work with. He provided upfront pricing information and details about what he would inspect.

Patrick arrived early for our appointment and did a great inspection, providing us with a very complete report of our home's condition. He took time to answer our questions and explain his findings. I would recommend Patrick at Spot On Inspection for any home inspection.

Sam Kliewer

Mr. Miceli did an excellent job of inspecting my home. He arrived promptly at the appointed time. His rate was very reasonable. He appeared to have a thorough knowledge of all the systems in my home. He explained his findings to me in a way that was easy to understand and gave me a variety of options for fixing the areas he found to be deficient. Hiring Mr. Miceli to inspect my home was a good use of time and money as his findings will allow me to make minor repairs now that will prevent more costly problems in the future. I highly recommend that all home owners hire Mr. Miceli for a safety and condition report once a year.

Victoria Castillo

Patrick was promopt in responding. Very thorough in his inspections. I would definitely recommend him.

Ken K.

Katy, TX

very smooth transition... i am very pleased and will use home advisor again

Roderick E.

Pearland, TX

great experience

Chris F.

Houston, TX

Patrick was responsive and professional. He took time to walk through the whole home with me after the inspection and explained everything to me when I had a question.

Homeowner via Home Advisor

Houston, TX

Patrick was great!! Helpful and efficient!

Dave H.

Pearland, TX

Mr. Miceli arrived on time. Unlike many home inspectors, he was available to inspect our home on a weekend morning, which worked perfectly for our busy schedule. He got to work and appeared to have a thorough knowledge of the construction of our home. He was careful and took his shoes off before entering our home so as not to track in mud (the day was rainy and the yard wet.) After finishing the inspection, he showed me all the repairs I needed to make (thankfully they were minor!). His explanations were easy to understand. I felt I learned so much about my home, things that will make day-to-day living here easier and safer. He even sent me links on how to do many of the minor repairs myself. He wrote a comprehensive report on all his findings, including photos, and emailed it to me later that day. I highly recommend having Mr. Miceli do a Safety and Condition report for your home. It will save you time and money in the long run and will give you peace of mind. **update** During a recent home renovation, our contractor accidentally flooded several rooms of our home. The contractor told me it "wasn't a big deal" but I wanted an independent opinion as to the damage, so I called Mr. Miceli. He came out on a Friday night and thoroughly inspected the damaged rooms. He also discussed the damage and the remedy with my contractor. I was very relieved Mr. Miceli was available and willing to help out during the emergency.

Victoria C.

Spring, TX

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