Buying a Home in the Houston, TX Area?

Buying a Home in the Houston, TX Area?

Hire us to perform a residential real estate inspection first

Once you find your new home and have an accepted offer, call Spot On Inspection, PLLC to inspect the home for you. We’ll examine every aspect of the property and give you an illustrated report. Our home inspector will review it with you and answer every question to be sure you understand the condition of what may be the biggest investment of your life. The report will give you the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision.

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How can a buyers inspection benefit you?

  • Knowledge is power. Maximize your buying power by putting Spot On in your corner
  • Peace of mind knowing a third party you can trust verified the home’s condition
  • Homeowner education. We don't just find the problems, we help you learn about your home and how to maintain it.

Spot On Inspection will thoroughly examine your prospective home and let you know what we find. We’ll inform you of any potential problems and give you insight into how to keep your home in a safe and comfortable condition.

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