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Your new home construction is a complex structure and a complicated project. Even the best builder may overlook deficiencies or deviate from the plan. Spot On Inspection is your advocate to be sure any issues are resolved before it is too late. The three different phases of a construction inspection include:

1. Pre-Pour Foundation: Everything rests on the foundation so we come out before it is poured to ensure everything is properly done according to the building plans. We inspect the post tension cables, reinforcing bar, plumbing, vapor barrier, check for level and square and make sure everything is ready for concrete placement.

2. Framing/ Pre-Drywal: Before the insulation and drywall is installed, Spot On Inspection will inspect the bones of your home. At this phase, we look closely at the structure itself as well as the installation of the mechanical systems. Plumbing, electrical and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are fully visible for the last time during this inspection..

3. Final Phase/ Pre-Closing: This phase takes place a few days prior to your walk through with your builder. This phase is a final detailed look at the finished home. Every system is examined and operated in time for your builder to correct any issues before your walk through and closing.

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Spot On Inspection will inform you about every inch of your property so you won't have any surprises. We'll help ease your worries by providing you with a thorough inspection report.

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